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Unconventional Wedding Menu Ideas

Updated: Feb 11

Use your happy hour as an opportunity to delight your guests with some surprising appetizers or food pairings, supplement your cocktails with a fun signature drink and follow up dinner with a childhood favorite for dessert.

Popsicle Cocktails

There’s nothing more refreshing than a fruity popsicle. Ask your caterer to try an adults-only version for the cocktail hour with your favorite champagne (pop included in the glass!)  for a fun twist on a frozen treat.

Popcorn Food Bar

For a more casual affair,  give your guests the option to mix and match what they're in the mood for. Popcorn is always a hit (the smell alone is irresistible!). Plus, the bags make it easy to grab 'n go so everyone can get back to the dance floor.

Coffee Desserts

Keep your guests awake and buzzing and out on the dance floor with coffee-infused desserts. Order espresso-spiked brownies or even Starbucks-inspired coffee dessert drinks like frappuccinos piled high with homemade whipped cream. Include a few decaf options too, like chocolate milk shake shots or even flavored frothed milk.

Dressed-Up Comfort Food

Comfort food has been popular at weddings for years, but now it’s all about the presentation. Try mini tacos served up in a lime for a display that will wow everyone.

Cheese Wheel Cakes

Imagine each layer is a different cheese flavor like creamy goat cheese, smoky gouda, or sharp cheddar with a meats and crispy bread on the side.

Soup Shooters

These nonalcoholic drinkable shooters are served during the cocktail hour as hors d'oeuvres. Think: cold gazpacho soup, tomato and basil puree, or even stacks of chopped veggies—all garnished with fresh herbs.

Waffle Bites

Who said waffles were a breakfast-only option? Go rogue and serve bite-sized varieties, with dollops of sour cream, corn, and cilantro, during cocktail hour.

Crostini Bar

Do you know what's better than serving crostini at your wedding? Setting up an entire crostini station, complete with all the fixings.

Fried Asparagus

Buttery asparagus stalks, dipped and fried in breadcrumbs, will be the one-bite wonder of your cocktail hour.

Potato Bar

Piping hot fries, tater tots, and stuff-your-own baked potatoes are just a few of the offerings on potato bars like this one. They also feature a range of fry types, often including sweet potato, truffle, and parmesan-garlic.

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